Enjoy being Mindful this Springtime

At last, the dark Winter days are over and Spring is here! But, how many of us are really paying attention to what is outside our window?

So much is happening right now! I originally trained as an environmental biologist and am now a passionate advocate of ecotherapy. I believe, and research has proven, that spending time out in nature is good for us! So, I invite you to step outside……. go to a local park, walk along a canal path, spend time in a bluebell wood, sit on a bench in your garden – and immerse yourself in the burgeoning life that is happening all around you this Spring.


Close your eyes and feel the warmth of the sunshine on your face and body; listen to the symphony of birdsong; feel the breeze in your hair and upon your cheeks and hands; look at the colours – the vibrant greens, the blossoms, the gorgeous blue-purple of the bluebells. Gently touch and feel the delicacy of petals, breathe in and smell the scents of the flowers and tree blossoms. Be fully present in these moments, experience them completely, with all your senses. And know that you are intrinsically connected to nature and can reconnect any time you choose to.


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