Mindfulness Mornings/ Afternoons

“After participating in Sara’s mindfulness session I came away feeling not only more relaxed but also with renewed energy and determination to build what she has taught me into my everyday life. Sara is a wonderful teacher, clearly modelling mindfulness in her own behaviour and showing us lots of techniques we can try so we can find the ones that work best. Sara exudes warmth and calm, she involves participants in the session and encourages sharing within the group. I particularly like how she links mindfulness with nature. Highly recommended” – Dawn

“I found the entire morning both thought provoking and more importantly helped me to focus on ‘the now’. You were extremely supportive during the workshop and your voice during meditation was perfect for me. You were extremely empathetic and seemed to effortlessly ‘tune in’ to our individual needs. I will most definitely attend your sessions in the future. P.S. brushing my teeth will never be the same again.” – Bill

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and felt very comfortable. I think it was a perfect beginners session and would like to come back to learn more!” – Emma

” The course was a fantastic introduction to mindfulness. You demystified it and presented it in an unthreatening, friendly way!” – Matt

” Sara is a great teacher, she is calm, serene, supportive and works at a steady pace with good warm welcome. I found today relaxing, calming and informative. I will spend a few moments each day practicing what I have learned”  – MB

MBSR 8 week course

“I feel that I have gained so much from Sara’s 8 week mindfulness course. I have used the techniques that Sara taught us in times of stress and found that they really helped me to calm and refocus. I am feeling more centred and balanced since making mindfulness a part of my everyday life. My family and friends have noticed the difference in my attitudes and behaviour.
As a teacher, Sara is incredibly patient and nurturing and held our little group so gently. I can’t recommend this course more highly!” – SC

“I entered into my 8 week course not knowing what to expect but Sara’s teaching manner and presence made me feel relaxed and in a safe place to just be. I have learnt to be much kinder to myself and being mindful has enhanced every aspect of my life. I am better able to deal with stress at work and home. Sara has the perfect balance between supporting individuals whilst holding the group energy. I will always be grateful for those 8 weeks and would recommend her course to anyone.” – HC

“Sara’s approach was calm and supportive. She explained things clearly, and she gently guided us through each of the practices that she introduced. There was time for reflection, and for each of us to explore our responses and ask any questions.  She listened well, neither interrupting nor rushing us. And was supportive and encouraging. Sara’s 8-week course has provided me with an array of different mindfulness practices that I can look back on and draw upon and gave a supportive environment in which to learn and try them out.  I’m glad I did it!” – DR