Autumn Mindfulness Morning 21st October

A perfect way to boost your well-being this Autumn!
The term Mindfulness is being used more often these days, but what is it all about? Mindfulness has its roots in Buddhist meditation practice whilst incorporating activities which resonate with contemporary lifestyles.

It is a gentle, easy way to reduce stress and anxiety, to help you live more in the present and develop appreciation for each moment.

Mindfulness practice helps us to let go of mind chatter and judgement. It also helps us to foster compassion for ourselves and others.

This workshop will introduce you to mindfulness using practical techniques which are easy and enjoyable to try.

We’ll explore formal techniques such as following the breath, body scan or loving kindness meditation, and try some informal ways of mindfulness practice which can easily be continued at home.

The price of this workshop is £27.
For bookings and enquiries please click here.

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